Investment Fund Account

Have you reached your ISA annual allowance of £15,240? If you have reached your limit in the 2017/2018 tax year then you still have an opportunity to invest in an Investment Fund Account.

Invest as much money as you would like into funds that our financial services offer. You will have access to the same low cost fees that apply to our other investment accounts. Tax rules will differ when investing outside of your ISA. Charges will apply to all on-going future investments.

For your convince an investment fund account manages all of your investments in the one place so you are able to monitor and evaluate your investments. This is also a better situation for comparing your investments.

You must be aged 18 or over and live in the United Kingdom to open an investment fund account with our financial services.

How to Get Started

Let us help you to choose an appropriate investment fund account for your aims.

Choose a investment fund based on risk or a topic which you would like to invest into. You. can find out more information about the choices available to you at 0131 496 051. You will receive sound financial advice and discover options you never knew were available.

It goes without saying that the money you invest may not always return. As with any investment you may or may not receive a return on your investment. We will give you the best financial advice available but, we cannot guarantee a return on your investment. However, we can provide professional advice based on years of past experience, data and facts. If you are unsure of the suitability of an investment that you would like to pursue then call 0131 496 051 at anytime. Assess your ability to cope with risk, if markets were to fail would you be able to overcome the outcome. Can you withstand losing money or having the value of investments alternate between gain and loss.

The Overall Process (Simplified)

Step 1:

Pick the most suitable investment fund for your aims or preferences.

Step 2:

Choose the amount you would like to invest per month. We allow for a range as small as £35 to a large amount of £650.

Step 3:

You can monitor and track all your investments in the one place, for the most convenience. Your personal investment fund account is access able from desktop, tablet or mobile.

Reminder that investments can change in value suddenly, you are not guaranteed a return on investment.

Tips for Investing

Diversify (Spread the risk)

If you invest in multiple funds then you reduce the chance of losing all of the money you have invested. You also do not need to rely on a single investment fund for a large return on investment.


Research the investment funds prior to investing. If you need advice on what to research and data that indicates a good investment then call our financial experts here 0131 496 051.

We can not give advice based on your personal situation but, we can give great advice based on past experience and research.

Investment Fundamentals


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Many investment opportunities are available if you have exceeded you ISA annual limit of £15,240 in the tax year of 2017/18. Choose an investment fund account today, contact us here to call 0131 496 051.